Bakayoko Reluctant Equated With Matic

Bakayoko Reluctant Equated With Matic

Chelsea’s new midfielder, Tiemoue Bakayoko insists his football style is different from Nemanja Matic

Since arriving from Monaco in the transfer market yesterday, the 23-year-old is staying on track to find the right solution to replace Matic who decided to join Manchester United but until the 8th week of the English League his presence has not been able to satisfy the fans.

Even the retainer of the French national team that actually get sharp criticism from the football legend of the club and other circles the article is considered not give a real contribution to the Blues. So reported in his tenure at Stamford Bridge threatened short because fails to give the best appearance.

But Bakayoko sure that he is very different from the Serbian player and the player is also confirmed will only follow instructions from Antonio Conte.

“My role only connects well with the player next to me, whether it’s N’Golo or Cesc Fabregas. We all know that N’Golo was named the best player in the Premier League, so I’ve learned a lot from him, “Tiemoue Bakayoko told the media.

“I’m not here to do what Matic does. Matic is a player I like very much, where he is a great footballer.

“I’m here to play my game, to try to apply what the coach requires, which means sticking closely to the opposing team playmaker, coming forward when I can and especially controlling the ball well and anticipating the game.

“I try to show the combination of both Kante and Matic techniques. I have watched both players and Chelsea is the club I always watch. I saw almost all club matches last season.

“I do not want to do what Matic does here just because I play in the same pitch with him. I try to do what I know how to do and if the coach is happy with it then it’s great. I will try the player he wants. “

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