Dybala Challenge Del Piero Adu Kick Free

Dybala Challenge Del Piero Adu Kick Free

Juventus officially gave the number 10 back for Paulo Dybala counted as of Wednesday (9/8/2017) Agen Poker Online. Not long after the announcement, Dybala immediately cast a challenge to Alessandro Del Piero.

“A pride can wear your uniform.Duel free kick between fellow number 10 will feel more great,” wrote Dybala on his Twitter account.

The chirp is Dybala’s reply to Del Piero. Previously, Del Piero congratulated on the election of Dybala as a user of sacred numbers.

Like Dybala, Del Piero also had time to wear costume number 10 with I Bianconeri, nicknamed the club.

“Good luck, Paulo Dybala, enjoy like a true Juventino, please entertain us,” Del Piero said.

Dueling a free kick between Dybala and Del Piero is actually not a new discourse. Del Piero had expressed a similar challenge in April 2017.

In the duel scenario, Gianluigi Buffon was asked as the goalkeeper.

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