Feedback Muller Problem Lewandowski Want Bayern Buy Backup Striker

Feedback Muller Problem Lewandowski Want Bayern Buy Backup Striker

Thomas Muller indeed confirmed that the depth of the squad, especially the stock of Bayern Munich striker is very minimal But he admitted that it would be very difficult to find players of similar quality to be coated from Robert Lewandowski.

Polish international striker recently urged the club to immediately bring in other strikers, to give himself a chance to rest more.

Former Borussia Dortmund star is actually showing no signs of decline in quality this season. He has a score of 13 goals with the same number of matches. But he feels that a deputy will make him able to play until the last 15 or 20 minutes of the game. This is to minimize the potential for injury.

Hoffenheim striker Sandro Wagner is reported to be Bayern’s target. But Muller feels that the striker who is in the club’s radar will find it hard to accept himself will only be the second choice at the club.

“We have no players who can replace Robert Lewandowski as a striker, even for the same type as he is,” Muller told BayernTV.

“On the other hand, as has been said in many previous occasions, it would be very complicated to look for a coating, because Lewandowski wants to play all the time,”

“Of course, when I’m getting tired, it’s easy to say I really need a coating now. But if that is the case, then every three months will also be complicated for ‘Mr.backup’, ”

“A few weeks ago, Lewandowski had a problem and it would be great to have a coat. But when the coach wants to play every three or four matches and Lewandowski fit, that’s not a good situation, ”

“It will be the subject of discussion between club bosses and coaches, in the end, making a decision on the matter. And that would be a good decision for everyone, “he concluded.

Bayern Munich since handled Jupp Heynckes began to show his resurrection. But four consecutive wins streaked, with a 2-1 defeat they had from Borussia Monchengladbach last weekend.

However Die Roten is still in the first position of the Bundesliga standings until the 13th week. They collected 29 points, and were three points adrift of RB Leipzig’s closest competitor. (Source: ESPN)

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