Persela Success Steal Points, Herkis Praise Hard Workers Players

Persela Success Steal Points, Herkis Praise Hard Workers Players

Persela Lamongan managed to realize the target of stealing points in Bandung after holding a draw Persib with the score 1-1 at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire, Wednesday (07/12/2017) Agen Casino Online.

Persela coach, Herry Kiswanto, said, an additional one point in the cage opposite is the best result for the team care.

“We are grateful for the players who have been fighting for the most.” Persela’s main capital is togetherness, militancy, hard work and unyielding spirit, “Herry told reporters after the match.

He admitted, not easy to steal points at home Persib. Players have to work extra hard because Persib players have been very fierce at home and supported by a fanatic bobotoh.

Coach who is familiarly called Herkis this message to the players Laskar Joko Tingkir that they must play total. The existing shortcomings should be covered with compactness.

He refused to be called Persela play a “bus parking” defense strategy to withstand Persib attack.

“We do not ‘park the bus’, I see Persib does not have a pure striker so much more to play in the wings and his own Persib who play widens,” he said.

According to Herkis, Persela must dare to get out of the pressure if you want to make a goal. The reason, if only play in the middle, it will not be.

“I see there are doubts in Persib’s back line so we dare press and eventually can score goals,” said the former captain of this national team.

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