Rooney Acknowledges Frustration in Last Season With Manchester United

Rooney Acknowledges Frustration in Last Season With Manchester United

Wayne Rooney is very happy to be back to his old club, Everton this summer. 31-year-old player was decided to leave from Manchester United, a club that dibelanya for 13 years.

Last season Rooney battered under the care of Jose Mourinho. He admitted very frustrated with the conditions he experienced. Understandably, last season he played only 15 times as a starter. And the average time to play only touch 61 minutes.

The number of goals he created was decreased nearly 50 percent compared to the previous season when still handled Louis van Gaal. Of 16 goals in the previous season, Rooney is only able to pack eight goals only throughout the 2016-17 season in all competitions.

Rooney did not want his career to continue to sink in the Red Devils so he finally decided to find a new club that can give him more play opportunities.

“Obviously the condition is very frustrating. It was really the first time in my career I did not play. That’s really not appropriate, I need a chance to play more, “he said quoted Soccerway.
“It’s frustrating but I’m a captain, so it’s important to keep myself positive there. Not that the situation becomes boring. I’m enjoying my time there. ”

“I did not play pretty much last season and I know right now I’m in the best condition when playing consistently. That’s hard, but that’s football. ”

“Some players will accept if they only play every few weeks. For me, I love to play and this is the right time to go and play elsewhere, “Rooney said. (Source: Soccerway)

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