Trent Arnold: It’s hard to beat Maribor

Trent Arnold: It’s hard to beat Maribor

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander Arnold said the team needed extra patience to win 3-0 against Maribor in the second leg early on Thursday

Where the match that took place at Anfield, the tap the new Reds goal created in the second half through Mohamed Salah, Emre Can and Daniel Sturridge.

Thus, the Merseyside club now leads Group E standings with eight points packed.

Had frustrated because the opposing team played well in the first half, but after drinking himself who appeared full satisfied after the Reds managed to break the deadlock.

“We saw a lot of our chances come from a cross so we decided to continue doing it in the second half,” Trent Alexander Arnold told the media.

“I have to say this game is difficult because they came here want to steal a point and we want three points, where we want to score goals and they try to stop our pace.

“Any team that comes here is always good at it. Namu solved it where we did it in the second half. “

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