Wanderley: Persipura Almost Perfect at Arema FC Headquarters

Wanderley: Persipura Almost Perfect at Arema FC Headquarters

Coach Persipura Jayapura, Wanderley Machado da Silva Junior, admitted satisfied with his team’s victory at Arema FC headquarters. He judged his team performed almost perfectly.

Persipura Jayapura successfully realize his ambition to subvert Arema FC at home, Kanjuruhan Stadium, in the continuation of League 1 match on Sunday (16/07/2017). Persipura won 2-0 thanks to goals Ruben Sanadi (19 ‘) and Yan Nasadit (84’).

Coach Persipura, Wanderley da Silva said the victory over Arema FC indicates that his newly trained team is almost perfect.

“I think Persipura is almost perfect, not perfect.Almost perfect because we won today,” he said during a press conference after the game.

The Brazilian coach was grateful for the victory. According to him, his team played pretty good and able to set the rhythm of the match.

“It’s a blessing from God, we are strengthened, amazing, we can set the tempo, set the game, we hope the spectators get the entertainment from tonight’s game,” he said.

He assessed Persipura many inhabited by quality players. Only, when he came to coach, Persipura have problems in the team. However, he has restored the condition of Persipura in order to be able to play the tempo of the game.

“They are re-nurtured again, they can set the tempo so that discipline is not the only position when there is a ball.” It looks like Roma can set the game without the ball as well, “he said.

On that win, Persipura won 27 points from 15 times the game. While Arema FC still collecting 25 points from 15 times the game.

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