Watch the Indonesian Players, Elie Aiboy Talk about the Malaysian League

Watch the Indonesian Players, Elie Aiboy Talk about the Malaysian League

Ex-foreign players Malaysian Super League club Selangor FA, Elie Aiboy, admitted that he monitored a number of pillars of U-22 Indonesia national team.

Elegant midfielder Evan Dimas Darmono is one of the few Indonesian national team players to join the Malaysian league club radar. They are monitored during the 2017 SEA Games event.

The former Papuan-born footballer admits he has recorded seven to eight names ready to be “deposited” to the player’s agent in the Malaysian league.

“I’ve worked with player agents here and I have also made judgments on Indonesian players during the SEA Games in 2017,” Elie Aiboy told

“We want to pave the way for Indonesian players in the Malaysian League following Andik Vermansah for 2018. There are seven to eight that I will record,” he said.

According to Elie Aiboy, the gap for Indonesian players in particular, and Southeast Asia in general, playing in the Malaysian League for the first and second caste is huge.

Season 2017, Malaysia Super League which is the highest caste competition neighbor country will not apply the degradation system.

“In addition to no degradation, the Malaysian Super League will increase its participants to 16. That is, there are four Prime League clubs that will be promoted,” said Elie Aiboy.

“In addition, there is a new policy of foreign players next season, in 2018, the Malaysian League opens a special tap foreign players from Southeast Asia,” he said.

According to Elie, this is an opportunity for Indonesian players to increase hours of flying abroad with a new atmosphere full of challenges.

What’s more, Elie says that the payroll system or player contract in the Malaysian League is getting more organized.

“Full-player contracts and no bonuses, but players have a fee-added clause if they play well for their team,” he said.

“I think classmate Evan Dimas can receive around 600,000 ringgit or nearly Rp 2 billion net here,” Elie said.

The value does not include the apartment and car facilities that must be given the club to foreign players.

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